Monday, November 3, 2008


Team Justus STORM
takes 3rd place
at the Bobby Lawrence Karate Fall Tournament
The STORM team came through with a stellar performance at the tournament! They were the first ones up and did an awesome job getting the crowd going!! The sound system had some problems but you would never guess with the way the team handled themselves so professionally! We heard so many great comments on the caliber of this years team from various school owners, parents and other BLK students. People are constantly talking on how sharp, crisp and acrobatic BLK Lindon team members are and we were so proud of each of you!
They looked awesome and did a great job implementing the new parts to the ever popular Jedi routine. They are right on track for an amazing performance at the new year half time show.
They are definitely doing a great job on the Special Team of Role Models!

PART TWO (do to a shortage of memory, we had a small gap in the performance)

if you have any pictures of the team that you would like to share, please email:

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