Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SWAT - Riverton Grand Opening

The SWAT team received a special invitation to come and perform at the Grand Opening of the Bobby Lawrence Karate school in Riverton, Utah. The owner, 5th degree Black Belt Jeff Vincent is an amazing martial artist and one of Justus's best friends. So this was definitely a special event.
It was a great chance for them to try out some of their new stuff before there upcoming performance at the Interschool Tournament.
Way to Go SWAT!

FEATURE - Ethan Smith

Ethan has been studying martial arts with Bobby Lawrence Karate since he was just a Little Ninja! It has been so fun watching him grow and develop as a martial artist. He has a great enthusiasm and excitement for the things he enjoys. He is the youngest member of our STORM team and one of our favorite things is watching him spin his chucks! His little brother recently started the Little Ninja program (after watching Ethan anxiously from the sidelines) and Ethan is great about helping assist with his class. We love having Ethan as part of the demo team and school.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Bobby Lawrence Karate
Great students, great friends, great turnout, GREAT TIME!
Thanks to all who came, who helped and who had a good time. We love Bobby Lawrence Karate Lindon!!

owners - Justus & Katrina at the welcome table
leadership team making sure the cotton candy tastes good (kolton, ashley, mimi, frances, shayna, kayla, portia)
the bevard girls - our future 3rd degree Black Belts! (ashley & kayla)
decorations (shayna, frances, ashley, chieko)JEDI WEAPONS led by leadership member Chris Allman
SWAT DEMO lookin good! (Lindsay Shimanek, Cole Anderson, Rhys Pughe, Te, Kit Anderson, Collin Adamson, Brandon Han
VANQUISHING DARTH MAUL (te & martin tinoco)
THE FABULOUS PRIZES the grand finale to a great summer of hard work earning tickets (kayla, justus, mimi, te)
Look at all those tickets!!!
excited CLASS MEMBERS all waiting to hear who the grand prize winner is....
AND THE WINNERS ARE... Luis Moreno, Parker Mota, Camden Tomlinson, Enoch Mahana, Hana Hoki, Will Westrup and our Grand Prize winner of ROCK BAND - Brenden Perl!!
Good job to all the winners and hard workers this summer!!!!
THE INFLATABLE RIDES with all of our leadership team!
Justus and his kids joining in on the fun
Enoch doing some great clean up