Wednesday, September 24, 2008

FEATURE - Brandon Hansen

Brandon is our senior member of the Bobby Lawrence Karate SWAT team and has done a fantastic job of leading this year's team. We can always count on Brandon to come with a great attitude and ready to work. He does a great job of looking out for the new members of this years team. And through his example of Black Belt Excellence he has inspired his little brother AND his dad to pursue their own black belt goals. Brandon is a great part of the team and we are grateful for the commitment he gives to all his karate goals.

Monday, September 8, 2008


I believe that in order to be a good teacher, you need to work on continually improving yourself in your studies. I had a great time this weekend working on my kicks & tricks with my kids.

SUPER STUDENT - Lindsay Shimanek

Lindsay was one of our first students when we opened our school in Lindon and she has continued to take first in so many other ways. Lindsay is a hard worker and dedicated to truly bringing out the best in herself and others. She has now competed in many tournaments where her numerous trophies show off where all that hard work has taken her. She is an excellent team member and a great part of the SWAT team. She is always cheering and encouraging the members of her team, her classmates and teachers at events and Black Belt tests. She is a great example of Black Belt Excellence and we LOVE having her as part of the Bobby Lawrence Karate Lindon SWAT team.

BLK LINDON Belt Promotion 9.08

Congratulations to the September Bobby Lawrence Karate Test candidates!
After a busy summer and an even busier back to school, we are proud of all the hard work you put in to earn your belt.
(want to feature photos of your students from the belt promotion, email them to and they may be posted on the blog!)

Jr. INTERMEDIATE (purple, blue, green belts)


Sunday, September 7, 2008

BLK Lindon Black Belt Pre-Test 8.2008

Last month we hosted our Bobby Lawrence Karate Lindon Black Belt test. This serves as a test for those working through their provisional status and as a pre-test for those wanting to advance to the regional test. We had a large group this round and each of them had to complete:
- physical fitness portion (run, push ups, sit ups, pull ups)
- kata (forms)
- self defense techniques
- overall preparedness
The testing is an intense forum which follows years of practice and learning. This is an important point to gage whether or not we feel that they are ready to test at the regional test and then ultimately the national test.
Congratultions to the Ban Bu's who passed their test and Good luck to all of you advancing to the regional test.